Joule Products is an accredited CUBIC Switchboard Builder, able to build type tested switchboards  with the following specifications:

CUBIC is a fully type tested modular switchboard system, according to IEC 60439-1, capable of up 7000A with a 120kA, 1 Sec short circuit with-stand. The switchboard can be sized to meet any application, which means we can provide switchboards with full bus bar access, but can equally produce compact switchboards, should the situation arise, particularly retrofitting new switchboards into existing room with space restrictions.


Floor standing or wall mounted, Main Switchboards (PDC), Distribution Boards (DB),

Motor Control Centres(MCC), Power factor correction, control PLC panels, General control panels and boxes

Switchboard Design:

Fully modular design, Enclosure and type tested busbar system, Fast and easy to assemble – smart design


Form 1 up to Form 4 b according to AS/NZS3439-1, 2002


Main bus bar capacity up to 7000A, Rated short time withstand current (Icw) 120kA/1s or 50kA/3s

Rated peak withstand current (Ipk) up to 264kA, Rated insulation voltage up to 1000VAC

Rated operational voltage up to 1000VAC, Rated impulse voltage 8kV Rated frequency 50-60Hz

Type Tested design:

Arc fault containment to AS/NZS 3439.1-2002, Type-tested busbar systems,

Type tested cells for motor starter type 2 coordination applications, Type Tested Flexible Busbar


Modular box and frame types, Standard degree of protection – IP43 & IP54 (others available on request)

Internal separation from 1 to 4b, Mounting types : fixed, plug-in, and fully withdrawable

Materials: mild steel, stainless, aluminum and insulating materials